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Your first visit

We want to help make your first visit with us as easy as possible.

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The timing of orthodontic treatment is very important.

Your initial appointment is complimentary and will consist of a discussion of potential treatment options.  This important first visit will address the orthodontic needs of you or your child. 

You or your child may not be ready for treatment, or the best time to begin may be immediately.

At this initial appointment, there are several questions that most parents and patients want answered.

  • Is treatment needed now or should we wait for appropriate growth, tooth eruption, or other factors?

  • What procedures will be used to correct the problem?

  • Do any teeth need to be extracted?

  • Are there different options for treatment?

  • How long will the treatment take?

  • What is the cost of treatment?

  • What are the different payment options?

Once we’ve answered these questions, if treatment is indicated, and if you are ready for treatment, the next step is to have diagnostic records made.

You're ready to get your dream smile...  but you're still deciding between Braces or Invisalign

No worries, here's everything you need to know about both.

and our team will assist you with all of your questions

Final steps before we start

Once Dr. Ali Rad has these orthodontic records to study, they will review them and determine a specific treatment plan for your orthodontic needs, which they will discuss with you. We can then set up the necessary appointments to begin your orthodontic treatment and set up financial arrangements for you.

Please assist us by providing the following information at the time of your first visit:

  • A list of medications you are presently taking, e.g., heart medications, aspirin, anticoagulant therapy, etc.

  • If you have medical or dental insurance, bring the necessary completed forms. This will save time and allow us to help you process any claims.

  • Completed online or printed patient registration forms

  • Important! Be sure to alert us of any medical conditions that may be of concern, such as allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure, artificial heart valves and joints, rheumatic fever, etc.

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We're here for you at anytime

At any time during these first appointments or later during treatment, please contact our office if you have any questions. Our objective is always to make sure your visits with us are pleasant and informative.

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